I would like to emphasize the importance of  impact.  We all as golfers tend to forget the most important, “impact”.  We impact the ball at every swing, putt, chip and drive.  Different impacts for different shots.  And we all have experienced a sweet impact, if you will. Hitting the center of the club and it feels soft, and spongy.

We tend to get wrapped up in how our swings looks and distance.  Rather than focus on the shot at hand and making impact just for that shot at the time.  Nothing else matters at that moment, but properly impacting that ball for that shot.  Be it a putt, chip, drive, or iron shot; Proper impact is crucial to the success of that shot.  We can slightly miss and still hit a good shot, or even hit it terribly and have it some how work out.  Golf is funny that way, as in life, we put forth our best effort and hope that it works out.  Dealing with the outcome of each shot and going to the next shot is the game of golf, and we love it.

In closing, give every shot you best effort, intention, and focus.  You will improve over time and with practice.  Living in the moment of that shot will provide a new perspective to the game and you will be pleasantly surprised at the outcome of your game.