Tale of Two Winters

Well, last winter was warm, dry, and great for playing golf.  Golf courses were in bad shape and took almost all summer to come back from the lack of moisture and the amount of play last winter.  This winter, the exact oppisite.  Coldest winter on record, snow on courses still today, and driving ranges even closed.  Driving to Auburn to play is still cold and wintery.  What to do?

We can see spring and warmer weather coming, or maybe we are just praying.  There are things we can start doing to get our games ready for the warmer weather.

  1. Start stretching.
    1. Legs-Hamstrings and Quadraceps
    2. Shoulders and Neck
    3. Hands and Feet
  2. Breathing Excercises
  3. Visualation
    1. Start remembering the best rounds, holes, and shots of last season
  4. Light Work Outs
    1. Squats, Push up, Crunches (contact me to give you a complete workout)
  5. Putting and Chipping inside on your carpet
  6. Watching golf on TV
  7. Come visit me at the Reno Tahoe Golf Academy