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Garry Blakeley

“I took golf lessons from Brett in 2012.The K-Vest system is a great start to the instruction he provides. Although I always thought my setup was good, the K-Vest proved otherwise. This was only a small part of the instruction provided by Brett. He is very enthusiastic in his job. I have had other instructors in the past, but never one so dedicated to his profession as Brett! When you pay for an hour of instruction you get it and more!!! My game has improved immensely from Brett’s instruction and I’m 58 years old. For the first time in my golfing life, the game is more enjoyable and consistent! If you want to improve your golf life, call Brett. It’s the best money I have ever spent on anything!”

Dorothy Steele

I love Brett.  He is so positive and makes every coaching session fun and simple.  I can now play golf and enjoy it.  I have improved 500%

Don Steele

After he had a hole in one in a playing lesson and helped me find a love for the game through positive thoughts and keeping it simple.

Eugenia Parker

Brett was a great instructor and taught both skill and the mindset for golf–amazing!

Rock Jarzynka

great lesson, good teacher

Zaneta Janiczak

Great opportunity!

Susan Andrews

Very informative, very pleasant, well explained.

Lucy Engebretsen

My husband said it was the most helpful lesson he has had.

Terry Vasenden

Lesson was great!

James Forbus

Brett was great! 

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  1. Best golf lessons ever. Brett has a good eye for the individual. No cookie cutters here. Three lessons in, the improvement goes well beyond what I expected, getting close to what I dreamed. At this rate, with Brett’s help, I may even approach the scores I fantasize about…

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