Playing in the Wind

Playing Eagle Valley this past friday was a joy. From the pro shop staff and Shane, the service was great.  The condition of the course was amazing.  Very lush and full.  The rough was like the playing in the U.S. Open.  Fairways were lush and tight.  The greens were great with, as always tough breaks to read.  We chose to play the East course do the windy conditions.  The West course is awesome in its own right, but even more difficult in very windy conditions.  With the East course playing like a Brittish Open course, it was very challenging and fun to play.  Yes, fun to play.  I enjoy playing in the very windy conditions.  I grew up playing in Columbus, OH. and it is flat and very windy.   I feel the par goes up several strokes in the wind, and Fridays par was about, 78.

Playing in the wind is challenging and can be fun.  First, lower your expectations.  Concentrate on making good contact with your swings and not so much emphasise on distance.  Your short game is in full effect when playing in windy conditions.  You hit a lot of fairway and hybrid clubs and miss a lot of greens.   Also, with the rough so deep and lush, keeping the ball in the fairway was a premium.  “Swing Easy When Its Breezy”, is a thought that I continue to think about, when the wind is ripping thru my ears and making noise.  Don’t focus so much on score, but quality of the shots and try your best.  “Grind it out”.  The next time you play without wind, it will seem almost easy.  So have fun and just play the game, no matter how windy it is.  Remember, the wind blows everywhere; the coast, mountains, desert, and the plains.

Special thank you to Brian Eilders and Richard Lahue for putting on the Titleist and Cobra Demo on that afternoon.  Had the pleasure of trying all the new and latest clubs from both companies and it was fun.  Cobra, especially surprised me with new adjustable shaft windows.  You can adjust loft with just turning the shaft to the desired loft of drivers, fairway metals, and hybrids.  Making one club into two or three clubs.  So cool.  If you get a chance to experience a Demo near you, take advantage.