Spring Ready Golf

The Excitement is in the air. The grass is greening. The snow is still in the mountains. Some trees are budding. The Air temps are reaching 70 plus. Get out there and play and or practice. We tend to play good golf starting out. Here is why, excitement, lack of expectations, living in the moment and enjoying the weather and company. We can try and keep that feeling all year round. Here is how. After you have played or practiced a few times. Write down some seasonal goals for yourself. Do you need new equipment? If not, setting goals to maybe to buy some new equipment. New clubs can be fun and exciting, just like now. They may not always be necessary, but fun. Spring golf can be a bit frustrating too. The conditions are not perfect; cups are crowned, and not cut perfect. It is still winter and winter rules apply. Check the USGA rules book to learn more about winter rules. So take it all with a grain of salt and try not to get to angry at bumpy greens, badly cut cups, funky bunker lies, etc. Focus on the quality of the putt, shot, and believe in the success. It is all a practice round until it means something. If you are not accessing your best and you find your game struggling, it is a great time to stop the frustration and get a plan for success. Of course, we can help you with that. And if you are playing above yourself and expectations, it is a wonderful time to see why you are and capture that so we can repeat it and keep for the upcoming season for you get even better. That is the goal. Fitness wise is important too. Stretching a lot before and after golf is so beneficial. Walking when we can is so great too! The better physical shape we are in, it not only helps our game physically, but mentally too! If you are interested, we have many plans to get you to your desired goals. We have a great team of experts to assist you in achieving you goals. Together we can achieve “Golf Realization”.