Finding a balance in the game of golf is not a simple task.  We all strive to find this balance of anger and happiness, hoping for more happiness.  I am not going to preach or tell you how specifically to find your balance.  I am just going to share an epiphany that allowed me to find balance and have more fun playing the game.  It could be considered a secret to the game.  What is it you ask?

Simply stated, if your life is order and in a state of happiness, joy, success, your golf game will find more success and balance.  If you find your life like a roller coaster with extremes, chances your golf game will be similar.  We tend to see our real selves come out on the golf course.  It is a blessing, only if you recognize the positives and the negatives as to find self improvement for your life and your golf game.

For me it took friends telling me to stop acting like an ass on the course.  They did not enjoy playing with me with a temper and being miserable and so serious all the time.  I found that I was selfish and inconsiderate of how I affected others on the course.  More importantly, how I was affecting myself.  I was not really enjoying myself and I was depriving myself of playing to my potential.  I found that I was thinking about all the negatives in my life and not focusing on being on the golf course, playing, having fun, and enjoying being with friends.  I came to a realization that I needed to make my life better.  Focusing on the positives, doing things that make me happy, and dealing with my faults and short comings, all the while, learning to be more accepting.

I am consistently trying to improve myself and my life.  Not sure if it is to improve my golf game or my life.  I am settling for both.  Next coaching session, ask about how together we can help find a balance in your game.