A Day of Golf at Incline Championship Course

An almost smoke free day from the Rim Fire, and the course was in great condition.  The greens are rolling smooth and fast and holding perfectly.  The best I have seen them in years.  The round started off smooth with a bogey, followed by three straight pars, an eagle putt on 14, missed for birdie, and 4 straight pars, for an even score of 36.  A shot of Crown Royal at the turn with friends and a perfect drive on number 10, followed by a great 9 iron that was blown just a bit left into the bunker pin high.  A missed par putt, and a bogey.  Reached 11 in two, another missed eagle, and a birdie.  Wind has subsided totally and the temperature is perfect.  Teeing off on 12, hit a shot a little to well thru fairway, but still have a clear, but longer shot into green.  Pin is on the front and I hit a great shot pin high, but right of green.  Happy not to be in water.  Great flop shot and missed par putt.  The rest of the round is up and down, bogey, bogey, par, bogey, par, par for a 39.  Not my best, but a great round with perfect weather, great conditions, wonderful company, finishing just at sunset.  Went to bar for an after round drink, and then to the Lone Eagle Grill at the Hyatt on the lake.  More cocktails, pizza, great music from Luke Stevens.  Derek at the bar makes the best Cocktails.  The perfect view of Lake Tahoe and the sunset.  A perfect day in my book.  Golf at the Incline Championship, Cocktails at the course and Lone Eagle Grill at the Hyatt on the Lake.

A special thank you to Michael and staff at Incline.  Hit the ball wonderful with a simple swing thought.  Focus on target, relax arms and body, and swing weight of club into ball with eye on ball until after impact.  Great ball striking day.  I encourage all to experience Incline Championship before the end of the season.  Please call me if want to make a time.